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Lawbird Once Again Victim of Identity Theft

September 10th, 2013


Once again, Lawbird Legal Services’ name is being used by the ‘Nigerian scam’ fraudsters to cheat Australian citizens. In a nutshell, the letter says that 10 million U$D are waiting for you if you advance some money to us.

If you have received one of such letters, we suggest you do the following:

  1. Write to us on infoatlawbirddotcom  (infoatlawbirddotcom)  , attaching where possible a copy of the letter.
  2. Report the incident to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.
  3. Ignore the missive and just bin it!

Going back to the letter, we must add that it gets it wrong factually and conceptually too. Firstly, I am no Barrister, but a lawyer (in Spain, there is no distinction between a Solicitor, a Barrister or a Lawyer), and I am not a Doctor in Law.

Secondly, if you ring on the given mobile number, you will get to talk to someone that looks just like the chap on the picture or even, any of these 3, talks with a funny accent which is neither Spanish or English, but from West-Central Africa and has so little credibility that it should be easy to tell it is a scam. This you should not miss, as it is very distinct.

Finally, it is forbidden by the Spanish Law Society to use any official sign, stamp, emblem or otherwise on our correspondence. These dangerous clowns don’t know but even if they were to read this post, they would still not understand as they think it does give them credibility.

We urge recipients of such letters to proceed as explained above.

Thank you

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