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New Employment Law to Clock Working Hours


As of yesterday 12th of May 2019, a new law is in place in Spain to track the number of hours their employees work. The purpose of the law is to clamp down on the widespread practice of unpaid overtime which some estimates put it 3.5 million hours. Not complying may mean fines of between 626 euros to 6,250 euros.

The habit of clocking in and out of work place is however antiquated, and puts workers under the spotlight in particular where going out for breakfast (a very Spanish tradition) or smoke a cigarette, or more “labour” things such as sales representatives’ daily itineraries where employees are given flexibility and whose work performance is rated by numbers in turnover, not hours (not to mention employees’ that work from home).

The work hours’ records must be kept for at least four years and be available to employees, their representatives, and the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate.

Already various App developers have created specific platforms to monitor employees’ registration, inclusive of controversial geolocation apps to pinpoint employees’ whereabouts through their company mobile phones, all of which should be fully notified and agreed with the employee.

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