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Welcome to! This site is devoted to Spanish law. Please feel free to post your questions on the forums. We have a growing community of Spanish lawyers who are available to answer your questions. If you prefer that your question is answered privately by a Spanish solicitor you can use the Ask a Spanish lawyer feature. Don't forget to check the blogs!

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Horizontal Property Act: Bribery in Spanish Communities of Owners

Blog: Antonio Flores’ Blog
November-11, 2015, (0 Comments)

Unbeknownst to most property owners, management of “communities of owners” in Spain has become a source of real corruption. According to consumers’ organizations, 30% of managers of communities of owners –whether professional administrators or “presidents”- are demanding commissions of between 5%... - Read More

Alicante Court Orders Banco Popular to pay €2.1 million to 60 British off-plan property investors

Blog: Antonio Flores’ Blog
November-08, 2015, (0 Comments)

A Court in Alicante has ordered Banco Popular to pay €2.1 million Euros to British investors, plus interest since payment of the deposits, following a failed property investment. According to the ruling issued a 10 days ago the investors, all of them from the United Kingdom, bought off-plan prop... - Read More

Abusive Language and Name-Calling in Spain

Blog: Antonio Flores’ Blog
October-02, 2015, (0 Comments)

Using threatening, abusive or insulting language against a person can be a costly exercise if your ‘victim’ decides to see you in court. Repetitive use of bad language, the specific circumstances in which it is hurled (private or public) and, more importantly, your choice of words may all aggrava... - Read More

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