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Welcome to! This site is devoted to Spanish law. Please feel free to post your questions on the forums. We have a growing community of Spanish lawyers who are available to answer your questions. If you prefer that your question is answered privately by a Spanish solicitor you can use the Ask a Spanish lawyer feature. Don't forget to check the blogs!

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Property Auction Rigging in Spain: Nationwide Fraud Unchallenged

Blog: Antonio Flores’ Blog
January-15, 2015, (0 Comments) Example of Real Auction in Spain Auction rigging, commonly known as bid rigging, is a form of collusion between real estate speculators whereby they conspire to illegally rig the bidding process. This fraud at public real estate foreclosure is a criminal offence and i... - Read More

Can Communities of Owners Chase Unpaid Fees Through Foreign Courts?

Blog: Antonio Flores’ Blog
December-19, 2014, (0 Comments)

Some days back, an interesting legal matter was raised by a customer who had received, in his Liverpool home letterbox, a letter from UK-based solicitors demanding payment of unpaid “Community Fees”, on behalf of the administrators of a Fuengirola Urbanization. On reading the content of it, it was ... - Read More

Spain Tax Residency Cases: when the devil is in the detail

Blog: Antonio Flores’ Blog
December-01, 2014, (0 Comments)

The above proverb often implies that details might cause failure, and failure is what occurred to the three real test-cases (below) who thought that, by having a tax-residence-of-convenience status (Andorra and Switzerland) and spending a short time there, they would be shielded from the action of... - Read More

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