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Welcome to! This site is devoted to Spanish law. Please feel free to post your questions on the forums. We have a growing community of Spanish lawyers who are available to answer your questions. If you prefer that your question is answered privately by a Spanish solicitor you can use the Ask a Spanish lawyer feature. Don't forget to check the blogs!

Latest Stories

Alicante Court to Order Baron Rothschild's Interrogation in France

Blog: Antonio Flores’ Blog
August-31, 2015, (0 Comments)

The Council Act of 29 May 2000 establishing the Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters between the Member States of the European Union enables prosecutors and courts of EU countries to receive assistance from one another when investigating crimes. This Act supplements the European Conve... - Read More

Notes On Spanish Judicial Activity During 2014

Blog: Antonio Flores’ Blog
July-14, 2015, (0 Comments)

When one thinks about litigation in Spain and the time it takes to get a case through the Courts, we automatically think in terms of years, not months. And yet we could all be very wrong if we are to believe the findings of the 2014 report issued by the supervisor for the judiciary, the General Cou... - Read More

Double Taxation of IHT in England and Spain

Blog: Antonio Flores’ Blog
June-23, 2015, (0 Comments)

Spanish Governments are not celebrated for bringing clarity to the matter of inheritance taxes (IHT), whether on a domestic level –there are 17 different IHT tax regimes within the country- or internationally, in the very relevant cross-border investment context.    Notably, Spain has only signed... - Read More

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