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Paying the Rent Late Twice will be Cause of Eviction

tenant agreementA mere delay in paying the let for a second time, by a non-paying tenant who has been previously sued by the landlord, will be a just cause for an eviction procedure. This new scenario has been made possible thanks to a recent rulling by the Spanish Supreme Court of Justice.

As explained in my article on Eviction Procedure in Spain (http://www NULL.marbella-lawyers, one of the strategies a non-paying tenant could follow to stall the procedure after the landlord had filed a law suit against him requesting a formal eviction, was by paying late (“enervación”). This stalled the procedure and forced the landlord to continue with the tenancy agreement. Albeit the tenant could employ this tactic only once.

The new change will mean that if the tenant should pay belatedly a second time (i.e. for two consecutive months), after the landlord has previously initiated an eviction procedure for the same reason, it will no longer mean the case can be dismissed or thrown out of court. It will mean the tenant breached the contract. Period. Spain’s Supreme Court has now unified the different approaches and regards that the tenant has breached the Tenancy agreement, provided the contract stipulates a deadline in which the payments have to be met every month.

This puts an end to non-paying tenants which continuously abused the legal system on deciding when they felt fit to pay their landlords in lieu of when they were meant to. This change has been brought about by one of the latest ruling of Spain’s Supreme Court. This is the second ruling on the same issue with a similar outcome which will now set jurisprudence in our legal system. The prior ruling (http://www NULL.elmundo NULL.html) is also from this year.

Both of these rulings aim to address the increasing problem landlords are faced with in Spain on letting their properties to professional defaulting tenants. Additionally, the dire financial circumstances have forced what used to be trustworthy tenants into defaulting their lets and abusing our system too. These rulings will now add new legal tools to defend landlords, as in Spain, the laws have been traditionally biased towards tenants for historical reasons which need to be adapted to social reality without delay.

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