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Careful with Scammers Posing as Spanish Lawyers

March 18th, 2009

who is this businessmanWithin the last year we’ve seen an alarming increase in the number of queries regarding the legitimacy of certain Spanish law firms and lawyers. These companies are in fact non-existent and act only as shelter companies devised to fleece foreigners offering them dubious legal services often related to some murky financial interest, which is in the end nothing but some sort of advance fee fraud (http://en NULL.wikipedia Foreigners should be well advised that these scammers pass themselves off as legitimate Spanish law firms and lawyers. They prey exclusively on foreigners and are in fact not even Spanish themselves. Their command of English is very good.

Spanish lawyers belong to one of the numerous Bar Associations that sprawl throughout Spain. There are a total of 83. Every lawyer member of a BA will have a registered number. It is very easy to check in less than a minute if a Spanish lawyer is legitimate, providing he is in fact registered of course.

These fraudsters will always contact you to offer legal assistance in some service of which you by chance are the sole lucky beneficiary. The potential reward to reap is huge (hundreds of thousands if not millions) in exchange of a reasonable legal fee which in comparison doesn’t seem like much. The preffered contact method is email (which they may follow up by ordinary post), and they will offer you either of the following legal “services”:

  1. Letting you know that after a long and winding investigation it has surfaced that you are the sole live beneficiary of a considerable Spanish inheritance from some distant relative you had in Spain (unbeknown to you) that has sadly passed away.
  2. Offering you to join group actions to recover deposits from bogus resale time share companies in ongoing court proceedings (Reclaim Certificates (http://www NULL.thisismoney NULL.html?in_article_id=401923&in_page_id=19&in_author_id=5)).
  3. Notifying you that you have won the Spanish Lottery (despite never having played it) or that you have been selected in a random draw and are now the lucky beneficiary of a special promotion from the generous Spanish Lotto Administration.
  4. Contacting you regarding using your bank account, in exchange of a sizeable commission, for some million dollar bank transfer with origin in some dodgy place in Africa. This is known as the Nigerian Letters.
  5. Offer to assist you in the verification and payment of unclaimed funds located in Spain of which you happen to be the only beneficiary.

An example of enquiries about such bogus firms are the following:

  • Martinez e Beneficio (http://www NULL.marbella-lawyers NULL.php?t=117)
  • Alberto Ganez Y Socio (http://www NULL.marbella-lawyers NULL.php?t=155)
  • Perez, Gonzalez and Associates (http://www NULL.marbella-lawyers NULL.php?t=97) & Perez, Carrera and Associates (http://www NULL.marbella-lawyers NULL.php?t=97)

Our recommendation, as always, is to never ever pay moneys upfront if you have the slightest suspicion about the legitimicay of the people you are dealing with.

We have compiled a list of bogus law firms (http://www NULL.marbella-lawyers NULL.php?t=382)which is continously updated.

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  • Fraudulent sell of shares from Spain – Boiler rooms (http://www NULL.fsa NULL.shtml) UK FSA’s link.
  • Timeshare resellers: Be careful! (http://www NULL.marbella-lawyers – 23rd of August 2001
  • Lottery Fraud: Yet Another Scam (http://www NULL.marbella-lawyers – 24th September 2001
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  • European Mediation Limited (http://www NULL.marbella-lawyers NULL.php?t=77)
  • Bogus Holiday Club Membership (mostly in Canaries) (http://www NULL.marbella-lawyers NULL.php?t=365)

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  1. jean taylor
    January 31st, 2019 at 13:57 | #1

    jean taylor :
    i have had a letter today 30-1-19 from a barrister miguel phelipe nesto the CEO/founder of (LCD ABOGADOS) offices in madrid it said they consult for (NGOs) and companies on family law, interllectual property,Real estate
    Wills,trust and taxes saying as a mr frank had died whom they had worked with him for many years who has left a sum of money TEN MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND EUROS with a local bank in they cannot find any of his family they are asking me with having the same last name for my CONSENT TO ACT AS BENEFICIARY TO THE DEPOSIT AND OF NEXT OF KIN IF THE BANK APPROVES THE MONEY WILL COME TO ME 20% CHARITIES THEN 80%TO TO

  2. A Japanese
    February 14th, 2019 at 04:29 | #2

    Please don’t send such fax to Japan as;

    Herman Jose Vicente Pura same BS letter someone died in China but they worked in spain BS. As if im stupid to even give these idiots the time of day.

    Company name: Equidad Abogados
    Address: Avd. Diagonal1, 08019 Barcelona Espana
    Tel: 34 602 692 883 fax: 34 932 205 446
    email: (hermanjosevicentepura null@null gmail
    email: (hermanjosevicentepura null@null consultant

  3. RK
    February 26th, 2019 at 03:00 | #3

    I actually received a mail today from France, they claim to be some Spanish law firm promising a load of money as inheritance from some unknown relative of mine

  4. sdk_2
    April 21st, 2019 at 15:22 | #4

    Equidad abogados
    avd. diagonal, 1, 08019 Barcelona Espana

    Nicolas Conzales profile available at (http://www NULL.equidadabogados NULL.html)

  5. Gerald Podmore
    May 27th, 2019 at 10:01 | #5

    could you please tell me if this company Alberto Martinez & Asociados
    Barrister & Solicitor, office address Joaquin Maria Lopez, 71 4??, Derecha,
    Madrid Spain.
    Tele +34} 911 98 33 73. +{34} 699 23 44 73. Fax +{34}943 62 02.
    email (am NULL.asociados null@null judicalconsults

  6. June 13th, 2019 at 20:57 | #6

    Beware of another website and firm used for the unclaimed inheritance scam:
    BUFETE-HALCON (http://www NULL.bufetehalcon

    Here is the scam email:

    Dear Mr. XXXXXX, your further concern-

    It’s imperative to revert back to you regarding the actual situation behind my research and demanding your confidential interest in the matter described here-under for a reputable partnership, I’m satisfied having technically interviewed you as to ensure the intents of this opportunity falls in-line, I’ve been representing this very case over these years, and I’m sure only with absolute transparency and under a concrete agreement within us we could carry out a fairly legal transaction. Emphatically I’ve an ultimatum from a Bank here in Spain of a shutdown account of late Mr. Marcell XXXXX, legally administered as custodian before his accidental death. I fully understand you are not related biologically, but by virtue of the circumstances surrounding your names similarities, has richly concluded a 100% possibility of you a potential entity to carry out acquisition of the financial asset under my legal influence.

    I’m compelled to act in this case, because ever since I was contacted by the bank of his left investment, approximately “Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars” made before his death in 2009, I’ve been maintaining a close administrative relationship while consenting as legal custodian of my deceased client until the recent acquisition frame notification, that their bank policy cannot condole the dormant account condition anymore, rather the account will be repatriated (Lack of supersede) and ceased finally. Under the ultimatum, I have done efforts to locate rightful relative but to no avail. Due to persistence pressure I thought searching for someone with the same last names, competent enough to be placed in position of next of kin to claim this fund, as my professional ethic allows me in this case.

    I needed someone who I can entrust, and capable to such financial transaction. Lucky enough you are one from the contacted persons and my instinct tells positively to entrust your partnership. For the fact you bear the surnames [XXXXXX] it’s guaranteed that I can present you as next of kin (beneficiary) since there was no written WILL made. All I am asking of you is to accept the acquisition preparation on your name, set-up and administer Trusts, carry out the Administration Of Estates and prepare an administer Powers Of Attorney so that you can receive the funds. NOTE; If this is not done now, the Bank will consider releasing the funds to Government account as UNCLAIMED FUND, as they did noted on the last message, so to avoid that let us quickly take advantage of this golden opportunity since my position allows me to present you as next of kin to the legal claims which I can assure you a 100% risk free for us.

    Here is the deal; we shall share this fund 50% each when you finally receive the claim to any valid operational bank account outside Spain. Be assured I have made profound research on the Spanish Probate system and I can guarantee you based on my expertise. This is one life time opportunity and still I do request that you keep the content of this mail confidential and the integrity of the information, because I have contacted you independently on behalf of our chamber [BUFETE HALCON]. Please if you demand to get more information, just let me know as I am willing to share further details or give answers to all questions.

    Thank you in advance for your anticipated co-operation.

    Best regards,
    Mrs. Florina Clarke Modesto.
    Law office: BUFETE-HALCON (http://www NULL.bufetehalcon
    Local 632228712
    International +34 632228712

    Family law and rights / Commercial Law,
    Real Estate and Urban Law /
    Labour law

    El esfuerzo logrando logros positivos es un gran enfoque. Siempre ponerse de pie por su ambición está seguro.

  7. Maggie
    June 19th, 2019 at 15:10 | #7

    My husband received this letter from GOMEZ ACEBO & POMBO ABOGADOS S.L.P. From Granada, Espana, his name is Juan Rioperez Gomez, stating there is a deceased Engineer from Spain, who didn’t have family, and the deceased has 9.5 M euros. The deceased has the same last name as we do, so he wants us to contact him, likely to appear as the deceased distant relative and split the money between us. How funny!!! Also, the postage came from Canada.

  8. Peaches E
    August 11th, 2019 at 19:27 | #8

    This is the email I received on 07Aug2019…just bogus


    I am Nicola Pura Conzales the Principle Attorney of a renowned law and auditing firm here in Spain. I was contracted to audit the accounting section of some firms in Spain. This audit in line with government policies and account reconciliation became necessary following the current European Economic crisis which Spain happens to be one of the most pretentious countries with the Euro Zone.

    During my audits, I discovered several dormant accounts due to inactivity. some of the said account has been dormant for over a decade as the initial owner of funds p a s s e d away. Against this backdrop, I decided to contact you in order to confirm whether or not you know or are related to the deceased family? This is because from our preliminary findings, your and one of the deceased happen to bear same surname and common heritage.

    I expect your response to enable me send you more informations.

    Thanks for your time and expecting your response.

    email: (conzalespuranics null@null indamail

  9. cikoriko
    August 16th, 2019 at 17:03 | #9

    today i have received a letter from ripoll&mateu abogados… family member died of stroke and cancer. he left 11.500.000 in the bank hahahha what a scam

  10. Rodney
    October 17th, 2019 at 00:49 | #10

    Myself I received an unregistered letter from Munich\German postage, with a variation of Rk’s where my so called “relative that was living in Spain” but died in the Natural Disaster yrs ago in Japan yada yada yada left 11 some odd million yada yada yada.. split 50% with lawyer yada yada yada. As soon as I read it was unregistered from a Law Firm …I did an Internet search to find other people in this forum with variations. I come from old school teachings and the adage “Too good to be true”….especially in our age of fraud and cybercrime, phishing scams, e-mail scams, phone scams. There has been an increase since large companies started outsourcing call centers over seas where our information is no longer secure. Over 50% of Canadian Personal Information Theft \Duplicate Credit Cards RCMP\CSIS traced \raided with India’s Law Enforcement agencies some Call Centers that were setup like telemarketers strictly to steal your info under different types of Phone Scams.

  11. Brenda yates
    October 17th, 2019 at 13:49 | #11

    Received letter today from Espan & Abogados, Paseo de la Castellana N 45-47, 15 Planta 28046 Madrid, Spain letting me know a relative has passed away who worked in a mine and smelting Company. Barrister Juan Antonio Ruiz, Spanish lawyer. A scam ? Do you reckon the name abogados means ‘bogus’.

    Your thoughts please

  12. D.Newton
    October 28th, 2019 at 11:49 | #12

    Just received fabulous offer from Espan & Abogados offering myself $12.75 million from a unknown relative in a mining company in Spain.
    Never realised that $ were Spanish currency, still think what I could do with all that cash and for just a fee of 20%.
    These scam idiots need to get a proper job and stop wasting their time trying to con people, because 20% of 0 is still 0 and that’s what they are getting.
    Just off to daydream about what to spend the money on
    Take care everyone.

  13. bar
    November 12th, 2019 at 08:14 | #13

    @A Japanese
    got a fax from the same number 34 603 184 583. phone +34932205446,
    also saying a business mogul with the same last anme as i has a deposit box of E7.5 m waiting for me to contact the company.

  14. Julia
    August 3rd, 2020 at 13:42 | #14

    I recibe a letter to: this is the letter.

    I am Leonardo Ponzcok the Chief Executive Officer of a renowned law and auditing firm here in Spain. I was contracted to audit the accounting section of some firms in Spain. This audit in line with government policies and account reconciliation became necessary following the current European Economic crisis which Spain happens to be one of the most pretentious countries with the Euro Zone.

    During my audits, I discovered several dormant accounts due to inactivity. some of THEM has been D.ORMANT for over a decade as the initial owner of funds ARE no more. Against this backdrop, I decided to contact you in order to confirm whether or not you know or are related to the deceased family? This is because from our preliminary findings, your and one of the deceased happen to bear same surname and common heritage.

    Lastly, owing to the sensitivity of this situation, I urge you to keep this proposal in utmost confidentiality pending our discussion. I expect your response to enable me send you more informations.

    Thanks for your time and expecting your response.

  15. Diana
    November 20th, 2020 at 17:52 | #15

    I just got a letter saying the following:

    My name is Adam BOWES, I am a partner at Mees Abogados, an European based Law Firm.

    Firstly, I must solicit your confidence in this transaction; this is by virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential. Though I know that a transaction of this magnitude will make anyone apprehensive and worried, I am assuring you that all will be well at the end of the day. I decided to contact you after a series of attempts to locate members of the deceased family.

    There is an unclaimed “permanent life insurance policy” insured for (USD7,950,000.00) with a top Life Insurance Company in Spain. The policy holder was one of our clients, Late Eng. Arthur LIBREROS, who worked with the Energy Company. He died in a ghastly auto accident, Seven years ago. Since his death no one has come forward for the claim and all our efforts to locate his relatives have proved unsuccessful. The insurance company code stipulates that “insured permanent policies” not claimed must be turned over to the abandoned property division of the state after seven years.

    Therefore, I ask for your consent to be in partnership with me for the claim of this policy benefit, in view of the fact that you share the same last name and nationality with the deceased. If you permit me to add your name to the policy, all proceeds will be processed on your behalf. I wish to point out that I want 10% of this money to be shared among charity organizations while the remaining 90% will be shared between us.

    This is 100% risk free; I do have all necessary documentation to expedite the process in a highly professional and confidential manner. I will provide all the relevant documents to substantiate your claim as the beneficiary. This claim requires a high level of confidentiality and it may take up to thirty (30) business days, from the date of receipt of your consent.

    Below information is what i need to enable me proceed

    Full name
    Private telephone number

    Please contact me either via: (bowes null@null meesabogados
    Tel: +34 631 463 169
    Your earliest response to this matter would be highly appreciated.

    Adam BOWES B.A.

  16. Robin Cantwell
    January 2nd, 2021 at 16:22 | #16

    My dad has just had the letter today, we checked the address and it came up with a travel agency lmfao

  17. Colin Burrows
    February 19th, 2021 at 12:42 | #17

    Just received letter from
    Luis Romero y Asociados Madrid Spain. 15/02/21. Ref FAUS&STP/SP3/CU4453

    alleged deceased mining engineer left a considerable sum of money from Mr Paul Burrows to a relative ?
    Email (luisromero49 null@null aol
    Tel +34 652 074 415
    I can photo and send copy if required

  18. Steve
    April 29th, 2022 at 02:13 | #18

    Just got such a letter from Pedro Norman Ramiro. It was an actual letter in my mail – – with a stamp and everything, except a return address on the envelope.
    I guess the e-mail scam hasn’t been working for him.
    As you suggest it was very well written and wanted me to keep his proposal “confidential”. lol

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