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How can myself and my family move to Spain?

Immigration Law

Francisco Garcia Ramirez

10th of October 2001

Q. My wife, my children and I, all lebanese nationals, are willing to move somewhere in Spain, probably to Marbella, Malaga or Fuengirola. We visited the area last August 2001, and we loved it. I have planned to register my children in good schools and I would like to rent or buy apartement and set up small businness. I would need some information on what are the options.

Saeed Z.
Taif k.s.a

    A. My suggestion is that you come to Spain with a tourist visa. Once in Spain, it is necessary to start preparing the relevant paperwork in order that the application can be filed prior to the end of the tourist visa. Another possibility is for you engage solicitors for the purpose and grant powers of attorney instructing them to act on your behalf. This power of attorney can be done in the closest Spanish consulate.

    The applications should be done as follows:

    • Yourself: self-employed work and residence permit.
    • Your wife: Residence permit by family regrouping.
    • Your children: Residence permit by family regrouping.

    You would need, for this purpose, the following:

    • Bank account opened in Spain with approximately 70.000 USD (this money can then be used for the business set up or property).
    • Paperwork proving the incorporation of a limited company of any other form of business structure.
    • Business project for the proposed business.
    • Legalised copies of your passport (all applicants).
    • 4 photographs per applicant.

    The application would take approximately 8-12 months, and the documents stamped would allow you to remain in Spain after the expiration of your visa, or go back to your country and return once you have been granted residency and work permit.

    The percentage of success, if the above are complied with, is of 99%.

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