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How do I go about granting a power of attorney, in the UK, to my solicitor in Spain?

Civil Law

Antonio Flores Vila

26th of March 2001

Q. How to go about nominating a solicitor in Spain with Power of Attorney to deal with property matters for a UK resident based in UK?

Robert Luscombe

    A. In order to grant a power of attorney for a solicitor in Spain, you can do one of the following:

    • Go to the Spanish consulate closest to your town, checking beforehand that the are able to authorise the grant powers of attorney (As only the Consul can do it). They have drafts in the Consulate, but you will have to specify, on instructions of a Spanish lawyer (your solicitor in Spain, or any other), the contents of that power of attorney.
    • Go to a UK Notary Public with a draft power of attorney which has to be completed with your details and the details of the solicitor who will act on your behalf. This power of attorney will be drafted in two columns, one in Spanish and one in English, and will be signed in the presence of the Notary Public, who will subsequently send it to the Foreign and COmmonwealth Office in order to be legalised by means of the so-called Hague Apostille stamp. (This stamp ensure the power is enforceable in Spain).

    In all cases, get some feedback as to how the power of attorneys are used in Spain and what is the best procedure to have them revoked once the solicitors work has been completed.

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