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The Spanish Lawyer Online

If I buy a property in spain do I get spanish residence?

Immigration Law

Antonio Flores Vila

8th of September 2000

Q. If I buy an apartment or a house in spain did I get the papers for residence in spain? if the answer is "yes" please tell me all about these things "residence and work". I am romanian I have a turistic visa till 12 septembre 2000, and I want to receive the papers for having legal residence in Spain

Florian Giurgeca
Manzanares, Madrid

    A. Getting a property in Spain, either owned or rented, is a must in order to obtain residence. If you can afford, then I recommend you buy. It will be very useful for this purposes. If you are going to apply for a self-employed work permit or a salaried work permit, then obviously you need a residence permit first, and a property, either owned or rented, is a must.

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