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Spanish NIE: Can I obtain it while in England?

Immigration Law

Antonio Flores Vila

4th of August 2002

Q. Is it possible to obtain a Spanish NIE in England before visiting Spain to view properties? If so, how do I proceed?

John Cooper

    A. You are able to obtain a Spanish NIE prior to your arrival in Spain.

    In order for this to happen, you need to have photocopies of your passport legalised by a UK Notary Public (who will witness the authenticity of the original document presented before him and attest that the copy is made of the original presented to him), and then legalised in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London (please go to for instructions).

    You then need to employ a lawyer or ┬┤gestoria┬┤to process the application to the Spanish National Police offices.

    In order to obtain your Spanish NIE Number in a timely fashion we recommend that you employ the services of the company NIE Number Direct, who are able to process your application in less than two weeks for a reasonable fee.

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