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The Ready2Invest Property Scam

For those caught in any of the Ready2Invest fiascos, such as Cerros de Turre, La Cadima or Santa Ana


Citrus Playa Macenas S.L., represented by Ray Warren, and Ready2Invest (formerly Read2Rent), represented by Jonty Crossick, set out in 2003 to organize, elaborate, promote, sell, construct and deliver 2 developments in the province of Almeria to an undisclosed number of  British consumers who, mostly, mortgaged their properties in the United Kingdom to finance the initial deposit. 7 years later, properties are half built (or not at all) and no prospect of delivery is visible.

Judicial claim is to be brought against the parties responsible of an alleged property fraud.

Responsible Parties

  • Citrus Playa Macenas S.L.
  • Ready2Invest (Formerly Ready2Rent)

Developments Involved

  • Los Cerros de Turre (Almería)
  • La Cadima, in Playa Macenas, Mojacar (Almería).
  • Santa Ana


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Report From Mojacar Town Hall Confirms Works at La Cadima Were Halted in 2008

February 15th, 2012

We are in receipt of a lengthy report from the Town Hall confirming that the works on Playa Macenas were indefinetely halted by the Mojacar Town Hall on the 12th of June 2008, instigated by the architects (who are owed subtantial sums, as confirmed by them) and the building contractor (equally owed very large sums). […]

Cadima Units Show Tax Office Embargo

June 10th, 2011

The attached document, which relates to the individual property description, in construction, and its legal charges, reveals the following: The maximum mortgage this unit would be liable for, potentially. This unit has maximum mortgage liability of €139,500, on which draw-downs can be effected as the unit gets built. An embargo for a maximum of €746,160.31 Euros […]

Bancaja confirms no negotiations are taking place

June 8th, 2011

Following a call with Bancaja, we are advised that no negotiations are taking place in respect to the situation with the Playa Macenas plot. The bank has also advised that the account is empty, without balance of funds.  With regards to Turre plots, certainly no negotiations ever took place with any banker at the time since the plots […]

Citrus Negotiations with Bancaja

June 6th, 2011

I have been advised that our initial approach to this matter was rather like that of a bull in a china shop, because we were upsetting the negotiations taking place between Citrus and the bank, and incidentally, Mr. Crossick and Mr. Warren themselves. I may be missing something they know and will not tell me but, having been around for 12 […]

Ready2Invest Threatens to Sue for Libel, but Still No Trace of the Money

May 29th, 2011

Jonty Crossick and Ready2Invest have now answered to a stronger request for a full account of moneys that were sent to them. It’s about time we get them to react, after years of sweet talking althought the fundamental question still remains unanswered. Where has the money gone? But then, it appears that my statements may […]