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The Ready2Invest Property Scam

For those caught in any of the Ready2Invest fiascos, such as Cerros de Turre, La Cadima or Santa Ana


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Ready2Invest Threatens to Sue for Libel, but Still No Trace of the Money

May 29th, 2011

Jonty Crossick and Ready2Invest have now answered to a stronger request for a full account of moneys that were sent to them. It’s about time we get them to react, after years of sweet talking althought the fundamental question still remains unanswered. Where has the money gone? But then, it appears that my statements may harm buyers if a result of them, the ongoing negotiations being held by the developer to repay buyers are prejudiced.

Also, I am told that I will be sued for defamation/libel if I do not, immediately, remove my statements. On this point only I will add that, thankfully, I do not come under UK draconian libel laws nor jurisdiction…(soon to be reformed, anyhow).

Back to the point I will add that there is no possible negotiation other than a full refund unless it can be proven that every euro was invested in the construction of the property in question. In Spain, if a developer takes advance payments, does not guarantee them and does not use them exclusively for expenses arising or directly connected to the construction of the building (promotional and marketing costs, salaries, AND real estate commissions (!) are not included), then he is deemed to have misspropriated those funds.

Below you can find the letters sent to both this site’s ISP and myself (click for full version).


Ready2Invest Letter Before Action Dated 26-05-11



Ready2Invest Take Down Notice Dated 24-05-11

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