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I am an Israeli of Spanish origin. Can I obtain Spanish citizenship?

Immigration Law

Francisco Garcia Ramirez

26th of March 2000

Q. I read your response to a question regarding Spanish citizenship. I am an Israeli of Spanish origin. My family lived in Spain until the deportation of the Jews from Spain in 1492 (the family tree is clear and can be proved by the Encyclopedia Judaica). I have heard that descendants of Spanish Jewish families are entitled to obtain Spanish citizenship. Is this true? What would be the procedure required to obtain citizenship? Who can handle this in Spain?


    A. Fortunately, you are eligible for Spanish nationality if you reside in Spain legally for two years. The Spanish Civil Code, in its article 22, stipulates that members of the ┬┤sefardi┬┤ community can obtain nationality in that period.

    With regards to who this is obtained, any lawyer can set the process in motion once you decide you wish to reside in spain permanently, or at least during the period of two years required by the law. The procedure involves a lot of paperwork and patience, but it is not too complicated.

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