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Do we need an agent to purchase property in Andalucía?

Property Law

Antonio Flores Vila

6th of February 2001

Q. We are Looking to purchase a property in the North of Andalucia. Initially our interest was in Finca's through an agent. We were also approached by an English couple living in a local village who are acting on behalf of some local families in selling on their property. They would seem to have all the correct paperwork and deeds. If we wished to proceed, how would we do this without an 'official' agent?

Mark Thomas

    A. You do not need an an official agent (I understand that this is a real estate agent) to represent you in the purchase of a property. You will need one to offer you properties in and around the area where you wish to purchase. What you will need is a lawyer to make sure the property is legal, registered and has not been built on a rustic plot which has been divided to a measure smaller than what the regulations allow.

    It is important that the property you have seen coincides with the paperwork, as it has happened in the past that someone bought a property with perfectly clean title but it was a simply a different and less valuable property than the one was bought.

    We can assist you in the purchase to ensure all legal matters are properly dealt with. Let us know if you need more help.

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