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How can I find out if I will be able to build on a plot of land on the landward side of a road?

Property Law

Antonio Flores Vila

29th of July 2002

Q. I am thinking of purchasing a plot of land in Conil, idway between Conil and Chiclana on the landward side of the N340, but it has been mentioned to me that there may be problems in the area as it is on he outskirts of the 2 urbanisations and may give rise to building permision and land registry restrictions. Can you tell me if this is correct or how I can go about finding out? Thank you.


    A. Your queries could be easily answered by a local solicitor, who would carry out preliminary searches on the plot of land. The plot you mention could have partial/total restraints for building permissions if it is close to a highway/motorway, in an area of ecological interest or if being of rustic nature, smaller that the minimum allowable plot extension approved by the Junta de AndalucĂ­a (for Conil de la Frontera and Chiclana de la Frontera, 0.25 hectares for irrigation land and 3 hectares for non-irrigation land).

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