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Setting up a business of selling cocktails in Spanish beaches. How do I go about it?

Commercial Law

Antonio Flores Vila

3rd of October 2000

Q. Sorry, this question is about business and not property but I hope you can help me. I am thinking about starting a business selling cocktails from a portable cart on the beach next summer. Is this legal? What laws should I be aware of? Are there any parts of Spain where this would be easier than others? i.e. Places where the beach is not owned by the hotels and vendors can sell easily.

Ross Curran
Sydney, Australia

    A. Dear Ross, In order to establish a business like the one you are proposing you simply need to seek the proper authorisations from the Town Hall of the municipality you wisk to work in. I would not be able to tell you whether there are places where it is easier or more difficult than others. It really depends on the attitude of the Town Hall officials to the business in question. Town Halls have a certain degree of autonomy and they can rule on this issues, depending on the number of applicants and the proposed business. With regards to beaches being owned privately, there is no such thing in Spain. All Spanish beaches are public and the only restrictions are imposed by military regulations, although you would not even be interested in these areas, as they are empty of any potential clients.

    Let us know if you need more help.

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