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How to find an inheritance in Spain

Inheritance Law

Antonio Flores Vila

2nd of July 2000

Q. I have a question regarding an inheritance from my grandfather. I am his sole inheritor to his fortune. I as you can see in the United States and Spain is quite a distance. I am inquiring to attain an attorney for his help in locating and aquiring all the information about and of my grandfather. Just a brief summary of him, his name was Antonio Luque, he was born in Cordoba, served as a high ranking official in the Spainish Military, and went thereforth to be a diplomatic ambassador of Spain.

If you can foresee any asistance to this case, or for that matter any interest to atain or recommend this case, your reply will be more than welcomed and very much appreciated.


    A. Dear Meredith, Many descendants of Spaniards share your current situation. The first thing to know is the second surname of you grandfather (His motherĀ“s surname), as otherwise you could end up searching for hundreds of Antonio Luque. Secondly, you should draw up a list with the following: - Personal details. - Last address - Employers (military and diplomat: any details you may have) - Family members, friends, acquaintances you think he may have had. - Any paperwork relating to him. With these details, you could start a search on the Land registries of the areas, where he may have owned property, and into bank accounts, which will probably be there still in his name, as no one would have had access to them. If he was a military, and then ambassador representing Spain, as a notorious personality the search should prove easier. Let me know if you need more help. Regards

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