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Thread: Handing keys back

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    Default Handing keys back

    We have desperately tried to sell our house with no interest. Someone told us to just hand the keys to the bank? Is this possible? Also we have advertised our house with some online Internet companies who promise to advertise your house for a fee worldwide. Does anyone know if there legit ? Or have we been conned ? Thank you

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    You can't just hand the keys back unless the bank agree to it. As far as I'm aware they will only do that if you have equity in the property and if you are not already in arrears. It is called Dacion del Pago.

    If you are going to do that it would be worth paying for a solicitor to make sure that it is done properly and you will not be liable for any debts afterwards.

    Good luck.

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    Hello Unregistered

    Unfortunately, Sue is right; in Spain you can only hand back the keys if the bank accepts it.

    If there's enough equity in the property, you may try to sell it for the mortgage or putting something on top to cover costs. If this fails, you should try the Dacion en Pago. I'm posting below links to several posts you may find of interest:

    I hope it helps.



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