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Swiss Choices: International Financial Planning at its Best

November 27th, 2011

The promotional literature by Swiss Choices Equity Release leaves no room for doubt when signing up the Equity Release obnoxious scheme. As they indicate, “do not make the mistake of leaving any action until the last minute…because you don’t know when this will be.

Developed by Graydon & Associates Costa Blanca S.L. in connection with Swiss Life (Liechtenstein) AG and BFI Consulting AG (whatever those initials stand for), according to the duo, “it was fine-tuned to provide current and future liquidity whilst ensuring the highest possible level of safety, privacy and asset protection.” . 

To cap it all, they declared that “this kind of long-term planning requires utmost solidity – the kind that only the time-tested and stringent insurance and banking regulations of Switzerland can offer”

This financial flyer needs to be read in depth because of the extraordinary record it holds: that of being able to insert one lie within every three words!



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