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Thread: Citizenship by marriage whilst living outside of Spain

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    Default Citizenship by marriage whilst living outside of Spain

    Hello all;

    I'm a Brazilian national and I will be marrying my Spanish fiancée in a couple of months. We currently live in the UK as I have a rather good job here but we will be going to Spain during the next holidays and get married in Madrid. But due to my job, we will return to the UK after our ceremony and live there for the foreseeable future.

    However, I would like to apply for Spanish citizenship because my UK permit will expire eventually, the Spanish passport will grant me far easier access to other EU/Schengen countries and I would like to retire in Spain when the time comes.
    If I was to try to naturalise myself in Britain that would take a very long time.

    So my biggest question is:

    Can I get Spanish citizenship by marriage without actually living in Spain? If yes how long does it take?

    Thank you for your time!

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    Hello OLVR,

    Comment that to have the Spanish residence by marriage there are a number of requirements, one of them is to reside one year in Spain, and be married to a Spanish and wait for a Year.

    I hope it has helped you
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