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What are the gun laws like in Spain?

Administrative Law

Antonio Flores Vila

26th of December 2000

Q. What are the gun laws like in Spain? Do people there have the right to bear arms or not? Some info please.

Jesse Freudenhammer,

    A. Firearms laws in Spain are very restrictive. Perhaps not as restrictive as in other European countries but certainly in a different level than in the US. It is possible to obtain firearms licence for hunting (shotguns, rifles and assault rifle versions) without too many problems. Automatic weapons are strictly forbidden at to anyone not belonging to the military or police forces (they can own them privately).

    With regards to hand guns, there is a possibility to obtain a licence and purchase but the applicant has to become member of the Spanish federation of olimpic shooting, and pass several tests. The gun cannot be carried around unless on the way to the shooting venue and by law they have to be kept in a safe. Some pressure has been put in the legislative body to pass a regulation to the effect that hand guns should be kept in the federationīs premises and only removed on the day of shooting. However, so far licenced handgun owners can keep them at home.

    Some people, by virtue of their jobs, such as military, policemen, judges, politicians and so on are able to obtain a special licence to carry a handgun at all times. This is specially the case in areas like the Basque territory.

    I hope this information is helpful

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