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How can we complete the purchase of our property if our appointed law firm has ceased operating?

Property Law

Antonio Flores Vila

17th of March 2005

Q. We were just about to complete the purchase of a town house at Alcaidesa on a development called La Villa being built by Alleerton Holdings.

Considerable monies already handed over but covered by a Bank Guarantee.

Problem: - Our lawyer (DVA) has been arrested by the Spanish Police for alleged money laundering.

We need advice on how to: -

  • Establish that the development was NOT one of those seized by the police OR even may be seized by the police in the future OR has ANY encumbrances to prevent closure.
  • Find and appoint a suitable lawyer who is completely trustworthy, speaks fluent English (sorry we do not speak Spanish) who can complete our Purchase
  • Note All Documentation in place
  • Note Full balance of monies due for purchase available now in the UK

    A. I understand your concern as this has caused a significant convulsion in our area. We believe in our colleague's innocence but it will be left to the Courts to establish degrees of implication and liabilities.

    At this point, the proceedings of the case of DVA Abogados are technically subject to secrecy but there are leaks and we do know for example that Cortijos Altos, at Alcaidesa, has some involvement. Alleerton Holdings has also come up in several newspapers.

    We can try to establish the situation with this development and we if no alternative arrangement is made we can take over your file up until completion, ensuring that your property is free from any liabilities. Please note that unless otherwise proved, you are a bona fide purchaser and this status is protected by the Courts.

    Finally, please note that DVA will be resuming its normal activity as of the 28th of March 2005.

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