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We want to buy a porperty in Pruna. It is advisable to hire a lawyer recommended by the agent?

Property Law

Antonio Flores Vila

20th of October 2004

Q. How do we find a lawyer to act on our behalf, if we are going to buy a property in Pruna. The agent says they will provide one. is this advisable?

    A. It is certainly not advisable, especially when buying rural property, that a lawyer associated with the agent is appointed to oversee the sale. I am not implying that the lawyer is not ethical in the way he provides his service but there is not doubt that he will find himself in a situation of conflict on interest as he will have to facilitate the transaction to please the agents in question, and this may be dangerous if it compromises the safety and soundness of the procedure (in this regard, we are aware of a number of rural agents who have manipulated transactions through lawyers).

    Our firm provides a legal representation service in all provinces of Andalusia (inclusive of Seville province). If you wish we can assist you in the process and ensure you purchase a freehold fully registered property with no associated debts or charges against it, and generally with no adverse circumstances which can compromise its value.

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