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Can I claim a refund of the 6% transfer tax paid on a property Purchase?

Tax Law

Francisco Garcia Ramirez

13th of June 2001

Q. Can I as a non resident claim a refund of the 6 percent that I have to pay to the Taxman prior to registering my property?


    A. As a non-resident, or as a resident, you are unable to claim refund the 6% Transfer Tax paid to the Taxman on purchase of real estate.

    However, this tax you will be able to deduct from the gain you make on the sale of the property, in order to asses the Capital Gains Tax payable on the net profit made.

    If the propery has been purchased by a company or a physical person in the course of business dealings, provided that physical or juridical person has a business licence, a refund can be applied for.

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