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Thread: Fortuna Estates, Fortuna Land, Oanna Group.

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    Wink Raymondo

    Quote Originally Posted by nollag2006 View Post

    A gentleman called Chris Redford is trying to get together a support group in Ireland. His email is chrisredford at

    Hope this helps
    As an investor who has lost out to Fortunaland & Oanna I have had a Spanish lawyer investigating my case for two years now, with very little progress. Since hearing of Chris Redford and joining his group this year I have had far more information (updates when they happen) and a feeling that something positive is being done at last.

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    Default Philip Cottrell

    Hi all i understand one of the top guys at Oanna was Phil or Philip Cottrell, he is still trading in Marbella and if you google him you will see all you need to know.

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    Default Oanna Group - The Philip Cottrell & Trafalgar commodities connection

    Most of you maybe aware of Philip Cottrell he was the sales director for Oanna and ran the sales operation on a day to day basis. Once the heat came on Phil Cottrell left very sharpish and now operates as trafalgar commodities, he also ran Forensic Wealth Management but they have also gone up in smoke owing money!
    He is in marbella and living the high life on other peoples money!

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    Default Fortuna Scam

    I was a victim, but decided against proceedings, as I reckoned the way they ran the business and there own personal spending left insufficient funds in the kitty to pay out large numbers of investors should they be successful with there court cases. Having said that, Fortuna has come back once again to haunt me in the form of a company called "International Administration" They "cold called" me last week offering to handle my case for an up front fee of 10%. They have all my information, dates I purchased ,amount of shares I owned etc. The information is accurate, and the individual is very convincing. They supplied an address and phone number both for themselves and the firm of solicitors they would be using, complete with the solicitors registration number. I spoke for some time with the person who tried very hard to convince me to come on board,but one or two of his statements made me suspicious eg. "you still have the value of the land you purchased" If my memory serves me right we owned shares in a company who owned the land, that company being Fortuna. The land is probably worth less than a euro a square metre, and I suspect they double sold it, so there's going to be a hell of a lot of people fighting over a fairly small amount of money. He also said they were endorsed by the government who are behind some big "clean up" campaign. I smell a rat, but if anyone can vouch for this company and prove me wrong they have my humble apologies.

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    Default International Administration - Huelamo Abogados

    I've also been approached by 'International Administration' lately. They claim to work alongside 'Huelamo Abogados'. My understanding is that, as Sr. Flores has already pointed out previously, A SOLICITOR FIRM SHOULD NEVER APPROACH VICTIMS, BUT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. I think these people are just like Ramirez&Ramirez..., for instance.

    Also, just checked both companies' websites and found out that was first created in May 2011... (dodgy), whereas is not even there... (even dodgier). Not a good sign to me... If anybody can prove me wrong, it would be interesting to know what they have to say. Thanks.

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    Default RRIreland

    I have recieved a call from International Administration.
    I do not have any intention of proceeding with them but do you know them and are they the reborth of a previous operation?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lawbird Lawyer View Post
    Over the last month we have received multiple queries on Fortuna Estates, Fortuna Land and Oanna Group.

    We are investigating the possibility of initiating legal proceedings in a group action against these companies and/or their administrators as well as some ex-employees for fraud.

    If you have invested funds in the said companies which peddled land banking investment schemes in Spain you will be interested to know we are now in the process of gathering information against them for which we require your kind cooperation.

    Should you be interested in taking legal action against the said companies please contact us.

    Article in Spanish on the scam which also mentions European Mediation. Please read the thread on European Mediation.

    Please read our blog post on Fortuna Land Investment.

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    Default Philip Cottrell SPain

    Well Philip cottrell is still operating as per his Oanna days, taking reservations for property investments, fine art investments, gold dust investments and range rover cars. Please keep an eye out for him and do not invest!

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    Default philip cottrell spain and philip cottrell gibraltar

    Yes it appears our old friend Philip Cottrell based now in Gibraltar after running away from Spain is trying to start up again. We all know of the range rover scams where he has taken over 500,000. the Alcohol scams where business men on the costa del sol paid over 100k, he has taken from butchers, bakers and candle stick makers! Little old ladies have lost life savings on gold dust scams. Philip Cottrell is trying to reinvent himself and start again but we will never sleep.

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    Default philip cottrell spain and philip cottrell gibraltar

    yes he is back to his tricks again, trying to promote property and land that does not exist and fin art deals which are all a scam. Philip Cottrell is now operating from Gibraltar after leaving Spain. He is wanted by the Spanish Police but his family are keeping him out of trouble.

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    Default philip cottrell spain

    he is still at it

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