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Thread: Ocean View Properties

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    I remember reading about this four years ago after hearing about Mr Thomas via a drinking buddy at a pub in Newborough. All of this is terrible and should not be forgotten whilst CT owns at least two multi million properties - one in yoxhall and one in Wales which has its own website and which he rents out for 3k a week.

    last I heard was that although banned from being a director he has a heavily active role running a recycling business CTR on marchington ind estate near uttoxeter. The business is under the name Mark Fitzgerald but CT runs the site day after day, several of his family members also worked there as does an accounts guy Dave Stewart who was called to court in Spain also over the Ocean View scam. Birds of a feather clearly stick together.

    I've seen fraudsters like this get away with it time and time again because they were smart enough to use tricks to siphon off money from a business before going bust.

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    Cool Thread 780

    GOD Bless you mate! You beat me to it!.I was drinking in the pub in Newborough ,talking to myself.I went to the pub in
    Marchington ,talking to myself and the locals. CT has the biggest Warehouse in UK and Europe, no.35 I think , right at the
    back , in the far corner.They used to store the Green Goddess fire engines there on the whole site.His brand new vans certainly come into Birmingham.CTR =Commercial Textiles and Rags or is it COLIN THOMAS RICHARD?ha .If you are a Buyer, we should meet up.

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    Default I got him

    Colin is heavily involved in CTR he is the owner!! and I have evidence along with evidence on illigal activites that can quite possibly close them down.


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