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Thread: Mahilak Y Socio

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    Hi, I received two letters from Mahilak Y Socio,Calle Arturo Rubinstein 34 S/N,290600 Marbella Malaga -Espana,could you please advise me if this Attorney does exist on your Registery? The letters are signed by Mr Amichal Mahilak,Esq, Personel Attorney to the late Mr Clifford Le-Andrews.I have tried to contact the phone number supplied,but to no avail. I would appreciate if you could assist me Kindest Regards

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    Dear Sir,

    The letter you've received is a scam.

    There is no law firm under the name of "Mahilak y Socio" located in Marbella and there's no registered lawyer practising in Spain under the name of "Amichal Mahilak".

    Please be careful, do not send them any funds and read all the following articles on the matter of bogus law firms in Spain:

    1. Public Warning.-Scammers passing themselves off as Spanish lawyers and law firms - 13th March 2009

    2. Careful with Scammers Posing as Spanish Lawyers - 18th of March 2009

    3. 9 Tips on How to Determine if an Offer is a Scam- 17th of October 2008

    Yours faithfully,


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