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Thread: Pizarro and Associados

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    Dear all,

    there is another scam letter running around. It comes from Pizarro & Associados, with ofices in Bilbao and Madrid. This time the Principal Partner is Mr. Mario Ricardo Pizarro, but the signature is the same one as on former letters from Perez Carrera. We verify this information with AENOR (spain) and IQNet Association, whos registration mark are on the letter. They confirm that this company IS NOT registered as certified company by them (this two companies are specialist on Quality management). In this case, we have another fraud. Is it possible that the police in spain can do something to stop this people? they always use mobile numbers, it must be possible to follow the clue of this "attorneys"... isn't it?

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would ask you to please start a new thread specific for "Pizarro & Associados".

    Thank you for sharing this info with the forum.

    There is no registered lawyer in Spain under the name "Mario Ricardo Pizarro".

    Yours faithfully,
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