The link posted above under 'Petition' is only for those who have Bank Guarantees which are not being honoured. It sounds to me that the 'Guest' who has posted does not have a BG after all.

I hope it is in order for me to post the details of a Petition which has been set up for Everyone who is having problems with their 'property purchase' in Spain.

Many who have signed were told by their original lawyer that they had a bank guarantee, in accordance with Spanish Law, only to find that after all they do not have one. Some were told they don't have a BG because they "didn't pay for it". There should be no charge to the purchaser of the property for this BG.

Our Petition is also compiling a Lawyer Complaints Document, as many of us have had to change lawyers - some three times before they found a reputable lawyer who upholds the ethics & principles of their profession. These complaints are serious and need to be addressed.

I was able to deliver a letter about Our Petition by hand to 10 Downing Street yesterday. Initially I was told that this would not be possible, but after some perseverance and discussion (etc!) I was allowed through the iron railings & the letter was delivered. Our Petition will be handed in to Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, early in the New Year.

Thankfully, many of us are now with a reputable and diligent lawyer whom we can rely on. Thanks to for this excellent website & its very informative articles

As I am a new posted, am unable to post the website details but you should be able to find it by googling spanish property scandal petition.