Our community is made up of 2 and 3 bed detached villas. One 3 bed villa is listed as a 2 bed and apparently its on the master deed as a 2 bed house too. So the owner of 35 years continues to pay significantly less fees than are due, each year. And the same owner developed their under-build into a 2 bed apartment (with separate entrance) which has been rented longterm for 15 years. The tenants have a ringside view and entrance to the pool and they and their guessed use the community pool regularly.
But the apartment is again (of course) not listed in the master deed and its not mentioned in the list of community properties. Are hunch is that its not registered at the townhall either. Our fees have risen significantly and owners want these 2 anomalies rectified. However at the AGM the owner who was the outgoing President said that an unanimous agreement of all owners was need and they would not accept a change, referring to the tenants as their guests. My cursory research confirms all owner must agree. But can this owners really continue to get away with not paying what is fairly owed?