Hi everyone, I hope somebody may be able to help me here. I will tell the story very quickly and if you need any more detail to help me please ask.
My Mother and Father moved to Fuerteventura in 2000, in April 2015 my Mother passed away.
She had a life insurance with La Caixa bank, because my Mother had not written a will they refused to pay out so we got a solicitor involved, the insurance was only for 6000 euros, just enough to pay for funeral costs.
My Father came back to the UK to live after the funeral and myself and my Sister have been dealing with the solicitors.

We have paid out for the following items over the years

certificado últimas voluntades a Madrid tasa 3,70 €
petición por MRW 17,03 €
envio por MRW 25,00 €
certificado de seguro de vida 3,70 €
notario declaracion de herederos abintestato (2 testigos) 273,20 €
notario aceptacion de herencia 200,00 €
impuesto de sucesiones 0,00 €
peticion por MRW 42,50 €
envio por MRW 23,56 €
poder POA 59,53 €
certificado derecho inglés 300,50 €
traduccion tres certificados de familia 160,50 €
traduccion certificado de derecho inglés 85,60 €
Total 1.194,82 €

Abogado / Lawyers fees 1.498,00 €

After all of this the bank agreed to pay out once we had provided them with "un certificado de titularidad de la cuenta corriente" for my Fathers UK bank account.
We believe this translates to Certificate of Ownership of the current account this does not exist in the UK and dsespite sending bank statements and even a signed letter from the bank saying the account belonged to my Father they are still refusing to pay, I think the Solicitor has also now given up as they are not responding to any emails.
The last bit of advice they gace was that my Father should fly out to Fuerteventura and open up a bank account !

I know its not a huge amount of money but it is the principle now, the bank is obviously finding any excuse not to pay out so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.