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Thread: Neighbours Satellite Dish Overhanging My Terrace

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    Default Neighbours Satellite Dish Overhanging My Terrace

    I own a top floor apartment with a roof terrace. A couple of months ago a new neighbour had a satellite dish installed on the wall of a community area adjacent to my terrace (ie a party wall) - and it is positioned so that it extends/hangs over my terrace - and looks pretty bad! I have asked him to move it - he agrees that it looks bad but says there is nowhere else it can be positioned. Now I'm wondering what my legal position is if I want to get this dish removed?

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    Hello Ibiza,

    I recommend you to check the Community Statutes and regulations concerning those issues and raise the matter at the next GM. If it is just a matter of aesthetics, it may be something that, if the rules have not provided anything, you will have to agree with your neighbor.

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