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Thread: Property Lawyer Check

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    Default Property Lawyer Check

    Hi All,

    My folks have just purchased a property in Alicante and when I try and run some checks against the property lawyer they have engaged with I can not see any details.

    Is there a way to check the firm. I have tried the following link but it does not work: (www)

    The firm is:
    (www) (dot) societylawandtitles (dot) com/en/

    The lawyer is Vicente Ferrandez Paimes

    Whilst they have been operating in the area for 26 years I can not see a review anywhere, nor can I check that Vicente is a Lawyer.


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    Hi jlbrad1984. I would advise you to be careful with that. Some friends of ours got scammed by the lawyer that was supposed to be running their paperwork. You should be able to find some reliable lawyers in different housing portals like Idealista. Such platform at least validate the backgrounds of the entities they advertise.


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