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Thread: Inheritance from overseas

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    Default Inheritance from overseas

    I am a permanent resident of Spain. My mother, a Canadian citizen, recently passed away. Her assets are all in Canada and the estate is being administered in Canada. I am entitled to receive 50% of the estate. Do I have to pay the Spanish IHT on this inheritance, even though my mother had no connection with Spain and none of her assets were in Spain?

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    Hello Susan

    Yes, in principle, as your official country of residence is Spain, you need to declare the inheritance in Spain and pay any applicable Taxes. However, as there are Double Taxation treaties agreed between Spain and most countries, you won't be taxed twice; that is, if you pay anything in Canada, this will be taken into consideration in Spain.

    An expert fiscal advisor will be able to elaborate more on this issue.

    To learn more about the Double Taxation Treaty Spain-Canada, click here.

    Patricia Martin
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    Thank-you, Patricia. I am making other inquiries but your comments are consistent with what I've been told elsewhere. Thanks again!


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