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Thread: As a non-resident must I pay tax on a property I bought on Nov 2012?

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    Default As a non-resident must I pay tax on a property I bought on Nov 2012?

    Hello . I bought an apartment in spain in nov 2012 . I've just seen that I need to send a tax form in each year .
    Which form do I need to send in ?
    I do not rent at all but think I still need to pay something . The catastral value is 71.567 euros .
    Also should I send in late forms for 12/13/14 or just for 2014 .
    Thank you in anticipation of replies
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    Hello Sallyd

    Any nonresident individual that owns property in Spain has the obligation to pay the yearly Non Resident Income Tax.

    This is calculated based on the Catastral Value of your property. Depending on the location, the taxable amount will be either 1.1% or 2% of the Catastral Value.

    The “Valor Catastral” is the official rated/fiscal value of the property and it has no connection with the market value of the property. Non-residents are taxed at the flat rate of 24.75% of the taxable amount for the years ranging from 2012 to 2014. Non-resident taxes are filed by submitting the Modelo 210 Form, and it's paid a year in arrears (during 2015 you are expected to file form 210 for 2014 ).

    This tax is prorated to the period during which you owned the property within a particular year. Therefore, for 2012 you will attract taxes for the period that goes from November 2012 to the 31st December 2012.

    We always recommend our clients that they pay any outstanding taxes of the last 5 years (the statute of limitations is four years starting from the next day the voluntary tax filing period ends). The tax office is being very active lately pursuing debtors.

    We have put together a FAQ that you might find useful -

    If you provide me with the town or city in which your property is located, I will be happy to calculate your tax liability since you bought it.

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    Thank you for your reply . I live in palma de Mallorca .Also is the 214 modelo that you mention for 2015 to be done annually only from 2015 ? Is this another tax to be paid or just for information ?

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    Hello Sallyd

    Palma de Mallorca has had its valor catastral updated during 2013 (and in 1997 before this).

    I assume the valor catastral quoted is for 2014. Using this figure, your tax liability would be of €194.94 for 2014. The same calculations are valid for 2013 provided that the valor catastral hasn’t changed. As for 2012, we need the valor catastral for that year. Considering that you have only owned the property for a little more than a month in 2012, you can expect to pay in the range of €10 - €20 for that period of time.

    Taxes for 2015 are due in 2016, so no need to worry now.

    Form 214 is no longer in force. It was replaced several years ago with Form 210.

    If you wish us to take care of your tax obligations as a non-resident, you can hire our Fiscal Representation service. We charge €99.95 per owner and year, and it includes paying and filing any past due forms.

    Kind regards
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    Default capital gains non payment as non resident

    As a non resident I bought a property in 2000 and sold this in April 2011. Notary withheld 3%. My capital gain was 150.000 Euro. I left Spain without paying CGT and moved to Asia. I now want to buy multiple apartments on the Costa del Sol in Spain again. My question is: How many Years after the sale in 2011 can the Spanish tax office come and demand CGT payment. Is it correct that there possibility to demand payment expires after 4 or 4 1/2 Years ?
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