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Thread: Tenants and dogs

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    Default Tenants and dogs

    We are a community of 20 houses and have never had any problems in 8 years. Our Internal Rules stipulate that no tenants can keep dogs. One owner rented his property to a dog owner and the dogs created much unpleasantness due to one dog attacking owners, not biting, just frightening them. That tenant has now gone however the owner wants to let his house to another dog owner. We will vote on changing the rules to enable tenants to keep dogs in January ( AGM,) instigated by that owner. What proportion of votes will he need to have the rule changed? I'm assuming he will require a majority, 51%, is that correct?

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    Hello Isherwood,

    The answer depends on how and when was the rule established:

    • If the prohibition to have dogs is a rule included in the Community Statutes, the absolute majority of votes ( 100% ) is required to modify the rule. This is based on the fact that the rule is part of the Initial CO Title deed.

    • If the prohibition for having dogs in included in an internal rule of the community, the ordinary majority of votes is required to have it modified; that is t, the 51% you mention.

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    Default Tenants and dogs

    Thank you Patricia.

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