Hi there,

I would be so grateful for any help.

My father passed away in 2011 in Nerja, Spain.

He moved to Spain in around 1991 and re-married probably mid 90's. I did not have contact with him after the early 90's, nor did my sister for reasons I do not wish to go into. My mum did contact a solicitor regarding the money he took when he left the UK but she was told he could not be touched as he was in Spain.

I found out that he had passed away in 2011, to be honest at the time it was a relief, closure of all the pain he had caused my mum, sister and I and I did not think about any will etc. As time has now moved on I feel I want to look into this as my family went through terrible times because of him and I feel that if we are deserving of anything that is legally ours I should find out. I know my grandmother (his mother) died just before he did, therefore his wife will have inherited all the money from my gran and the house etc which my dad and her lived in along with any other capital. She will be pretty rich with all that inheritance whilst we are still all still struggling due to the mess he caused.

I read somewhere that as a child of a Spanish citizen my sister and I should have a right to property or money left by my father but I have no idea where to start with this. I have no contact with the wife, she would not speak to me anyway. I have an address and that is all the information I have. I know he had a will in the UK, I am guessing as he bought a property in Spain he would have to have a will there too? He was very clever and cunning so I am sure if there was a loop hole he would have found it and invested money so it could not be touched or found.

I would be very grateful if anyone could advise me where to start with this? I am guessing a Spanish speaking solicitor is the first step but I can afford much and I am guessing that will cost so much, I cant afford to be ripped off as that would just add to the current bad feeling!! I guess the first step would be to find out if he left a will, so does anyone know how I can do this from the UK?

I look forward to any feedback,
Thank you.