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Thread: Community Wi-Fi

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    Default Community Wi-Fi

    Does the law say anything about the provision of and payment for community wi-fi. TV signals must be provided by the community of owners and paid for through the community fee, but what about wi-fi?

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    Default the same as the thread I am replying to.

    This topic is of interest to me but there have been no replies in a year. Others threads get no replies. Is this web site just a way of the web site owners getting email addresses of possible clients?

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    This forum is certainly active though there may be some threads that get less replies. Please read my reply to your specific query:

    Your question refers to the access to a Telecom service that is observed on article 17.2 LP.

    The installation of the communal infrastructure to access this telecom service is regulated by the Royal Decree 1/1998, de 27th February -EDL 1998/42774- and can be agreed, at the request of any owner, for one third of the members of the community representing, at the same time, a third of the participation quota.

    The Community won´t be able to charge those CO members that did not vote in favour of the agreement, to cover the installation costs or the alteration of the communal infrastructure, nor any costs for further maintenance. Nevertheless, if they requested access to those Telecom services or energy supply at a later date, and this involved using the new infrastructure or the alterations done on the pre-existing ones, this can be allowed providing they pay the corresponding amount, with its due CPI update and applying the corresponding legal interest rate.

    Notwithstanding what I mentioned previously concerning the maintenance coats, the new installed infrastructure will be regarded as communal element under this observed in this Law.

    In summary, the Wi-fi installation in the Community of Owners as well as its maintenance costs will be paid, only and exclusively, by those owners that had voted in favour of the same and not by those who had not voted against it or did not vote at all.

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    Default Community Wi-Fi

    I am a data & comms engineer based on the Costa Blanca.
    I have designed the most cost efficient method of community internet access available.
    I have installed networks in a number of communities & dealt with a various administrators, ironing out all the legalities etc.
    What are your acquirements/concerns?
    The law requires constructors/communities to provide access to terrestrial TV only.
    There should be no ongoing fees for any TV services.

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    In our community where community Wi-Fi is available, those who are connected to it are obliged to pay. Just like how we pay for our TV services. However, we always have an option whether the household wants to be connected to the community Wi-Fi or not.


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