Please help. I got a divorce 2 years ago (I was married in spain and divorced in spain). We have a house in both our names but I live there and pay the mortgage etc myself. I spoke to the bank and they said it wasnt their problem and they just wanted the mortgage payments regardless of who makes them. I spoke to my divorce lawyer who advised that I can regain half of everything I have paid when the house is sold.

I put the house up for sale straight away but my ex husband has advised that he wants the house up for sale at a silly amount so of course 2 years later and I havent even had a viewing. Hes not bothered as he no longer lives here and I am saddled with all payments. I have spoken to my ex husband who is still refusing to lower the price. The estate agent says I cannot sell the house at any price without the agreement of my ex husband as his signature would be needed. I have now had enough of living here on my own with no family nearby and wish to give the keys back to the bank so I can go back to the uk. I no longer want the house and Im not bothered about losing it.