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Thread: can a tenant be held responsible for electricity company not sending out bills

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    Default can a tenant be held responsible for electricity company not sending out bills

    Having left a property asked for the deposit to be returned as this was under the contract against damage to property and furniture - no damage.

    Was told that the deposit would be held until all bills had been paid - never missed paying a bill. Bills are water, basura and electricity.

    The electricity was changed to a dual meter and the company had problems sending out bills - none for 4 months: the agent complained and they sorted it out. However the same is happening again no bill has been received, I am now being told that a solicitor is to get involved and send letters to the company asking them to send out a bill :

    My question therefore is this: Can a tenant be held responsible for the inability of a company not sending out bills and for solicitors fees to sort it out ???

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    If the electric meter is registered in the name of the owner, the tenant cannot be held liable for the lawyer´s fees. Regarding the delay in the electric bills receipts, the rental contract must be check to determine if it casuses any damage to the tenant. Normally, there is not a fixed deadline to return the deposit to the tenant, and in this case, a reasonable amount of time would have to be allowed before taking any action, as if the tenant shouldnñt be affected by the delay of the electric company issuing the bills, the landlord cannot be either, unless it had been his fault.

    I recommend you to have a solicitor check your rental contrct to be able to give you a more detailed answer.

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