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Thread: Permanent comunitario changed larga duracion EU

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    Default How to: Larga Duracion to Larga Duracion UE

    Hello, we hold Larga Duracion which is valid for 4 more years. We want to swtich to Larga Duracion UE now. What is the best way to do this?

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    If you wish to switch to that type of card, a specific application has to be filed at the immigration office, including documentation that proves you have a private medical insurance and sufficient sources of income for the whole family.

    Sources of income must be quantified using as reference 150% monthly IPREM minimum for a 2 member family and adding 50% per additional dependent.
    Current monthly IPREM is 537,84 €. That is 806.76 € per month for a two member family, 1,065.78 € per month for a three member family.
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