I was wondering what the legal obstacles are when trying to open a nano brewery? This is a smaller scale than a micro brewery; I have years of experience in brewing in the US, and with the growing popularity of craft beer in Spain (as well as the fact that I have a lot of friends - enchufe, I guess you could call them) I wanted to see what the regulations are.

In the US it differs between each state... in some states, one cannot open a brewery without also serving food in the establishment. In other states, you can open a brewery, serve your beer in closed containers for consumption off-premises. Yet again, other states will allow you to brew beer commercially, but with just the regular license you may only sell to licensed beer retailers and wholesalers - you need a completely different license just to sell to individuals, and only for off-premises consumption.

Anyways, if there is a website where you could relay to me, that would be wonderful! I have a feeling that in Spain - like America - the regulations differ from region to region. My understanding is that the "hubs" of craft brewing are currently in Catalonia (not sure what town exactly) and the south, I believe it was Murcia. Anyways, thank you very much, this forum is a great service to all of us!