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Thread: getting deposit back from developer

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    Default getting deposit back from developer

    Around about 2005 we paid a large deposit for an off plan apartment in La Reserva de Marbella. There was a big problem with the issue of first occupancy certificates and consequently the mortgage that we had arranged fell through.
    I have since found out that certificates have now been issued. We won a case against the developer who immediately appealed against the decision. I am no longer in touch with my husband who dealt with the solicitor. I have contacted the developer who say they cannot comment because it is sub judice. We no longer wish to proceed with the purchase because of our pending divorce.
    Do you have any further information about having our deposit refunded?
    Joy Evans

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    Hello Joylesley,

    Please read the following article on the case, which is fairly recent ( 12th February 2012 ):

    I believe that your question has been answered in the article┬┤s comments replies by our Senior Lawyer Antonio Flores.

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