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Thread: what documents are needed to get empadronamiento?

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    Default what documents are needed to get empadronamiento?

    i have just reached Spain illegally. i want to get legal." what documents are needed to get empadronamiento?". so that i can get Permiso de Residencia por Arraigo Social after thee years.

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    Hello Tahir,

    You will need to go to the Padron, located in your nearest Town Hall.
    Take with you your original passport (and a copy), as well as an original ( and copy) of the rental contract. If it is not under your name, you will need an authorisation from the owner allowing you to live in his property. He will also need to alter his empadronamiento in order to include you in it. Once you are there they will give you a a form which you must fill in. I hope this information is useful.
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