I have been operating a small lettings business as an autonomo for the last 6 years. I rent out rooms in my house for holiday lets. I own my house via an SL and pay rent to the SL to operate the business.
From the start I have paid all the required taxes and social security payments but due to the economic downturn and ill-health I have to stop. In an ideal world I would sell the house and downsize but that is not an option at the moment with the housing market the way it is.
In January I plan to close the lettings business, ie, stop being autonomo but have had conflicting advice on what this means. I assume that my Gestor will de-register me and some sort of final tax declaration will be made for 2011 but what are the obligations for submitting tax declarations in the future? I was told that returns have to be made in 2012 even though there will be no economic activity!
Having paid 6 years SS as autonomo am I entitled to register as unemployed and would I get any state benefit? Will I still be liable to pay SS next year and if so is it at a reduced level as registered unemployed or what?
I hope someone can help with this because as someone else said on here, the rules seem to be a matter of interpretation as I have found out to my cost several times in the past!