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Thread: Autonimo/Self-Employed or Limited Company - in the UK or in Spain?

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    Dear Lukas

    Your girlfriend doesn't need to register in both countries. If she is already registered in Spain as sole trader, she only needs to invoice the UK Company for the work she does there.

    The income generated will be included in her VAT ( IVA in Spain ) and Income Tax return Declaration ( IRPF ) here in Spain.

    Anyhow, if she paid taxes in the UK, she could set these off against her Spanish tax bill. Her accountant in Spain will make all the necessary arrangements.

    I recommend her to keep record of the number of days she is out of Spain working as she will get a reduction on her yearly tax.

    Patricia Martin
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    Default Living in Spain working for Uk Ltd Company

    Is this arrangement ok for teaching English in Spain?
    I already have UK LTd company owned 100% by myself (since 2002).
    My daughter and myself are both directors and she is in the uk. (This way the spanish authorities won't be able to say the company is manged form Spain -IS THIS CORRECT)
    I nomally pay myself dividend from the earnings of my LTD
    Declare corporate tax for those dividends in UK
    Please could you explain?
    Are the following 2 different options?
    Declare rendimientos del capital from LTD on your Spanish self assessment.
    You'll pay taxes but you'll do everything by the book and be free.
    Bill the LTD for management expenses once a year (can this be my accountants fee and my admin fee)
    Pay autonomos only for this month every year.
    Who or what are the autonomos?
    What about social security payments?


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    Hello Julia57,

    We are not very knowledgeable in the field of language teaching services and the way they are taxed in Spain. I recommend you to make some research in specific websites about investing and operating businesses in Spain that may be able to offer exact information for your particular case if you contact them; for instance Invest in Spain ( ICEX, public corporation ).

    Also, the Office for Economic & Commercial Affairs in the Spanish Embassy in London can offer assitance.

    Alternatively, perhaps another forum member can share any information he may have.

    Patricia Martin
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    Hi. I'm an english national living in spain. How would i go about setting up as a sole trader in the uk? I have somebody ready to design my website. I just meed to know all the steps i have to take to register as a sole trader and start paying taxes in the uk rather than in spain

    Many thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I used to have a company in spain and I would like to warn you it is very expensive to set up, close down and run (you still have to pay the 250 euros SS before earnings)
    I am now in a similar situation to you and have decided to register as a sole trader in the UK. Although it is not fully correct to do this I want to do things legally without being robbed by the government. If you are charge before earnings this is nothing but robbery in my book. I also cannot afford to pay 250 euros for the right to be able to earn money.
    Also as for claiming costs etc in Spain nobody really nows what they are talking about, including the tax office and the laws are contradictory. When ever I had a tax question I would ask 5 different people (no exaggeration) and I may get three different answers. So I had to choose the answer that got the most people behind it.
    Spain is a nightmare to pay tax and do BOOKS in.

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    Your question is related to Fiscal and Legal issues to be dealt with in the UK and therefore this is not the best forum to raise the question as it is focused on Spanish Law.

    I can refer you to an UK accounting office that will be able to answer your questions. Feel free to drop us an email via the contact form to get this information.

    Patricia Martin
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    I too have the same problem. I am a UK national living in spain for the past 15 years and currently have a job here. But I also want to setup my own online business doing freelance graphic design work (for global customers using paypal). But becoming autonomo and paying the 250 a month here is spain is crazy if I will only be getting a income of 100 or so a month to start with before business takes of. I would like to know if it is possible to register as a sole trader in the UK (and the taxes from income will be paid there) while I do the work living here in spain. Would it be wise to open a UK bank account and maybe even register the company in a relative who is already living there (how would this affect them if they are already working)?


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