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Thread: Public Warning.-Scammers passing themselves off as Spanish lawyers and law firms

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    Default We too are heirs!

    We received the scam letter too. Only for 6.8 million. Of which we are entitled to 3.4

    I wonder where they are getting everyone's details from? We don't really readily share our address.l

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    Default Letter

    Just got the same letter. I am from Sweden. Seems that they send it worldwide and for a long time already. Don't get fooled, people. Don't believe everything you see or read.

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    Default levont abogados

    Same type of letter from Levont Abogados ... (surface mail received at home), exactly same terms and amount of money ...
    Would it be possible to stop this for others not to be worried ...
    All the best

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    Exclamation Same Spanish Lawyer Luis Damian Bufete de Abogados, Madrid

    I also received the same letter from Luis Damian and it is now August 2016, three years after the last one posted! Address is same as previous post, only the phone number has changed. It is now 34-6033-75235.

    Same story - hurricane Sandy has killed someone and I can be next of Kin for $8.2M to be split 50-50. I guess business must be good as he is still in business!

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    Default Funny if it was not so sad

    There must be magic in the amount. Our letter from "Alzira Counsellors" refers to $6.4M as well - spelled out in capital letters just in case we don't read normal numbers. Amazing to read that our unusual name was shared by "a business mogul who loved in Spain", and we were so sad to read that he and his whole family died in the "Sichuan earthquake China" (sic) in 2008 "while on their exploration and short holidays". Not an atom (sic again) of risk, and other than the 50% commission no mention of any fee. Rather dodgy-looking web site, using a domain registered just a month ago and bad grammar. Can't wait to receive my millions!

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    Exclamation Sharing it around

    I received the very same letter,although of course my name is completely different to yours. I even received a very similar letter a few years ago,with the same spiel but posing as a different law firm in Spain. I googled the name of Alzira Counsellors and there appears to be a firm by that name,although it may be a fake website. If it sounds too good to be true,it is!

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    Lightbulb Same. Spanisch address

    Hi all, I live in Switzerland and they tranig it the Same was. Just trowed it Directory in the bin...

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    got same letter.
    4 950 000 000 Euros.
    Just received the money to my bank account. going to share with him.
    20% to charity
    40% to me
    40% to him.

    What the fuck are they trying ?!!

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    Default Please add Jose Garrig Advocate

    I've just got the same letter however the name of the lawyer is Jose Garrig Advocate from Barcelona. And it is for US$13,500,000.00 split 50:50
    I wish it was true...

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    Default 7.5mil euro, denmark

    My mother inlaw received it today.

    Sent by mr Caceido Egues Ramirez

    The letter seems fairly targeted, but used part of her name she doesnt use normally.

    They must be frauding someone into paying for mail send out.

    We noticed both the scanned signature that didnt match the name and a barcode on the top left of the letter.

    Best of luck spending your fortunes


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