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Thread: Public Warning.-Scammers passing themselves off as Spanish lawyers and law firms

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    Default Barrister Itube David same letter recieved in germany sept. 20th 2011

    Hi all,

    we got the same letter from barrister Itube David on September 20th. 2011.
    Itube Abogado Servicios Juidicos
    C. Corsega 86, Principal 08036, Barelona, Spain

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    Default San Alberto & Associates letter from spain but mailed from portugal

    Got one today also with my surname, including my wife, very clever scammer. But along the same lines as other scammers.
    they just forgot my father is still alive, and therefore he would be the closest next of kin, but didn't receive a letter.
    sydney australia

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    Angry pam cann

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Hi I am in Australia and I have just received a letter in the mail from Barrister Santiago Alberto also. They are stupid enough to say this matter is 'utterly confidential and top secret'. I think they need to read up on their legal jargon as that gives it away to me.
    hi. i just recived same sort of letter from mr santiago alberto, utterly confidential and top secret, saying i was next of kin and they wanted to share 7,500,000.00 with me. how do they think they can get away with it. pam cann

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    Default got one too

    Hey,I just got one too.Im in VIC,AUS.

    Infact I googled the name 'San Alberto and Associates' and found this thread.
    Usual thing,7,500,000 euros,person with same last name as me,they want 10% to be shared among charity organizations and the remaining 90% shared between me and them.blah love it.

    Just be weary all...These dicks prey on anyone and I bet there's still plenty of people that fall for it.

    Have a good day.

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    Default Harcourt llp

    I just got my letter in California from "Spain," but it was postmarked in France. Funny thing is, they said that the person who was dead was my husband! Last I knew, he was alive and well when he woke up this morning.

    Berkeley, CA

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    Thumbs down Ramirez & Ramirez and Martinez Echavarria


    Are you aware that Martinez Echavarria are now working for Ramirez & Ramirez? They do seem to have a penchant for the bottom feeders! First Macanthony Realty ... now Ramirez & Ramirez - AKA -Key Properties Town Advisory - AKA- KPTA - AKA -Fuengirola Services etc. etc.

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    Oct 2008


    Dear Sir,

    Please note that Martinez Echeverria have nothing to do with the activities of the scammers Ramirez Ramirez, it is the latter Fabian Marcelo Ramirez who is using the name of another firm to defraud people, illegally.
    Antonio Flores
    Lawbird Legal Services | Contact Me
    Instagram | Read my Blog

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    Red face Got one too! Gold Coast, QLD Australia

    San Alberto (aka Saint Albert - Patron saint of scientists & philosophers) is a busy man - he wrote to me too! 7.5M Euro going begging from my poor old Uncle Lyman. I was devastated to hear of his untimely passing. Postmarked Portugal - but it was franked so I didn't get a damn stamp >

    I'm trying to work out how this entrepreneurial soul got my details - I'm thinking a registration for downloading a free e-book or completing a "survey" - anyone else who got one do this recently?

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    Default Bugger I was hoping it was true (SURE!!!)

    This guy (Assume its a "Guy") must have shares in a stamp factory. A tidy sum spent on stationary and stamps for sure. Mind you he only needs a VERY small hit rate to make a killing. There are always one or two suckers out there. Pity someone doesn't pay this guy a visit some dark night!

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    Default another one

    I'm living in Norway.

    Please Add

    Dr.Andres Arroyo Cruz ESQ

    Calle Maria Lopez 23
    Madrid 28015 Spain
    Tel: +34 911 017859
    Mob: +34 672 849 31

    Total amount 5,750,000.00 (EURO)
    without any risk...

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