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Thread: Public Warning.-Scammers passing themselves off as Spanish lawyers and law firms

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    Default Another example for the inheritance scam - avoid:

    Here is another example.

    Spanish "lawyers" contact you to claim an inheritance.
    They have a website full of content but poorly made (particularly for a law firm claiming to be one of the largest).

    BUFETE-HALCON may be a real law firm but is a Scam site.

    Example scam letter:

    Dear Mr. #######, your further concern-

    It's imperative to revert back to you regarding the actual situation behind my research and demanding your confidential interest in the matter described here-under for a reputable partnership, I'm satisfied having technically interviewed you as to ensure the intents of this opportunity falls in-line, I've been representing this very case over these years, and I'm sure only with absolute transparency and under a concrete agreement within us we could carry out a fairly legal transaction. Emphatically I've an ultimatum from a Bank here in Spain of a shutdown account of late Mr. Marcell Eronald #######, legally administered as custodian before his accidental death. I fully understand you are not related biologically, but by virtue of the circumstances surrounding your names similarities, has richly concluded a 100% possibility of you a potential entity to carry out acquisition of the financial asset under my legal influence.

    I'm compelled to act in this case, because ever since I was contacted by the bank of his left investment, approximately "Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars" made before his death in 2009, I've been maintaining a close administrative relationship while consenting as legal custodian of my deceased client until the recent acquisition frame notification, that their bank policy cannot condole the dormant account condition anymore, rather the account will be repatriated (Lack of supersede) and ceased finally. Under the ultimatum, I have done efforts to locate rightful relative but to no avail. Due to persistence pressure I thought searching for someone with the same last names, competent enough to be placed in position of next of kin to claim this fund, as my professional ethic allows me in this case.

    I needed someone who I can entrust, and capable to such financial transaction. Lucky enough you are one from the contacted persons and my instinct tells positively to entrust your partnership. For the fact you bear the surnames [######] it's guaranteed that I can present you as next of kin (beneficiary) since there was no written WILL made. All I am asking of you is to accept the acquisition preparation on your name, set-up and administer Trusts, carry out the Administration Of Estates and prepare an administer Powers Of Attorney so that you can receive the funds. NOTE; If this is not done now, the Bank will consider releasing the funds to Government account as UNCLAIMED FUND, as they did noted on the last message, so to avoid that let us quickly take advantage of this golden opportunity since my position allows me to present you as next of kin to the legal claims which I can assure you a 100% risk free for us.

    Here is the deal; we shall share this fund 50% each when you finally receive the claim to any valid operational bank account outside Spain. Be assured I have made profound research on the Spanish Probate system and I can guarantee you based on my expertise. This is one life time opportunity and still I do request that you keep the content of this mail confidential and the integrity of the information, because I have contacted you independently on behalf of our chamber [BUFETE HALCON]. Please if you demand to get more information, just let me know as I am willing to share further details or give answers to all questions.

    Thank you in advance for your anticipated co-operation.

    Best regards,
    Mrs. Florina Clarke Modesto.
    Law office: BUFETE-HALCON
    Local 632228712
    International +34 632228712

    Family law and rights / Commercial Law,
    Real Estate and Urban Law /
    Labour law

    El esfuerzo logrando logros positivos es un gran enfoque. Siempre ponerse de pie por su ambicin est seguro.

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    Exclamation same experience for me, June 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I have recieved a letter in the mail from a man claiming to be a spanish lawyer named REX DUTH LAZCANO. He offers me to inherit 6,5 mill. after a man sharing my surname. The money is placed in a security Safe Keeping Institution, Vinsa Seguridad Alentis Madrid. He wants to share the money 40-40% and 10% will go to set up a trust fund in the name of the man whom I share the same surname with. This alleged lawyer has gone so far in his scam, that he has phoned me several times and send me three documents, a death certificate, a certificate of deposit of the money, and a deed of lodge, just trying to convince me that he is telling the truth. But there are so many descrepancies in his story, because he wants this to be strictly between us and there must be no third part until the fund is successfully claimed. He even wants me to come to Spain an claim the fund, and he will be my lawyer and make all the paperwork, which will be totally legal and transparent, and bears no risk for me. The finance company will then transfer the money to my account, and mr Lazcano will then come to my place to disburse the funds. So please be aware og this man.

    I was the victim of this fraud and lost some money by acquiring these supposed documents. I can't believe how dishonest and unethical these people (Nigerians) are. They will go to any lengths to scam people. Sad, sad, sad.

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    Default Another Scam, fake Spanish lawyer, Inheritance of more than 7 million Euros

    Be aware of the fake lawyer named gonzalez san alberto, mark frederick lechner law associates. I fell for the scam because this "san alberto" person furnished me with authentic-looking documents with seals, etc. I was told i shared the last name of someone who died in madrid and who left no beneficiaries. I was also put in touch with vinsa grupo, the supposed keeper of the vault with the more than 7 million euros. I was told by this scam lawyer that we would split the money with 10% going to charity.

    He called me (i stupidly gave him my number) and he sounded so nice. What a fool i am. I hope whoever is reading this did not fall for the trap as i did. I was cheated out of several thousand dollars.

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    Default Mr. Donald Reeves

    Is Barristo Alberto Martinez ESQ. & Asociados Derecha Madrid SPAIN a legal lawyer Firm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Is Barristo Alberto Martinez ESQ. & Asociados Derecha Madrid SPAIN a legal lawyer Firm.
    Hi Donald. It doesn't sound like a legitimate Spanish lawyer. His name follows the typical structure used by fraudsters.

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    You better add Alexia Law Firm (Louis Blanco Blanco) to your list of scammers. I thought for fun I'd google their web site and its very impressive. I live in Australia and although I may no be related stand to inherit. Mmmmm

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    Default Fax

    Received fax stating they were a private financial advisor, that I was entitled to 7 million five hundred thousand euro.

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    Exclamation Scammers gotta scam

    Hello everyone I scanned the document and converted(poorly) it so i can post it here for people to easily find out that this is a scam. Cheers

    Attention: Sir Dude

    Му name is Luis Blanco Blanco, а private financial advisor; actually I got your contact information from your country's puЫic archive while searching for а last name homogeneous to my late client's name Mr Dude а business mogul who lived in Spain for about two decades; he died along with his family during the Great Wenchuan earthquake China which occurred in Мау 12, 2008 while on а short holiday visit to China. The tragic circumstances of their death prompted me to send you this unsolicited correspondence which I humЫy apologize.
    Before the unfortunate incidence, Не deposited а safe deposit Ьох, containing the sum of €7 .5 Million (Seven Million, Five Hundred Тhousand Euro) with а Safe Security Company here in Spain. However, due to some security and personal reasons he did not disclose the exact content of safe deposit Ьох to the treasure house. Been the financial consultant and legal aid to the late Mr dude, the security company mandated me to present any wШing member of his family (heir/inheritor) to make claims or risk confiscation of the vault. Тhis prompted my search for anybody with а common surname or genealogy that could stand in for the claim.
    Against this backdrop, 1 suggest you stand as the heir. As the executor to the deposit since my client died intestate, 1 know you may not Ье anyway related to my late client but having а common surname with him and the modalities I have in place, I can guarantee that if you follow my instructions (The rule of laws) the vault will Ье release to us. Mind you, this transaction is 100% risk free; there is no atom of risk connected to this business as I have worked out all modalities to complete the operation effectively.
    То this end, I would Ье working closely with you and the deposit company to ensure the release of the deposit in compliances with the Inheritance laws of the Kingdom of Spain. Do kindly response either via email, calls or fax for further clarification.
    Please Ье kind to get back to me whether or not you are not willing to collaborate with me so that I can further my search for another partner.
    Thanks for your time; 1 await your timely response.
    Luis Blanco Blanco
    Tel: +34 603 184 583, Fax: +34 932 205 446

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    Default Luis Blanco Blanco

    Yup, person with my surname died in China and I stand to inherit 7.5 million Euros. Good ole Luis Blanco Blanco wants to do business with me, faxed me at my business about it. What a coincidence that this happens to so many people and Luis is always there to help!

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    Angry SLP

    I too received this and knew it was a hoax. Wondering if it can be traced back to how the e-mail addresses and contact information was found.

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