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Thread: Public Warning.-Scammers passing themselves off as Spanish lawyers and law firms

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    Default Gonzalez-Santiago law firm - yet another scam letter

    I see from a post below that this one likes the figure £8,750,000 - same amount my mother could claim owing to the death in a car crash in 2012 of a man who shared her surname, his wife and only son in Madrid !! The deceased 'relative' was supposed to be a construction engineer with a company in Madrid. The company exists but obviously I can find no trace of the supposed employee. I'd love to know where this sub-human got my mum's name from. She has dementia, so if she'd received this earlier in her illness she might well have fallen for it.

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    Default Lottery!!!

    They love to target Canadians more than any other nationality! Apparently I am entitled to US15.5 million and 45% is what I get, do we seem so gullible to you Spanish scammers? My bogus fake letter came from Lazarus Garcia Banderas
    Abogados s.l Espana. Good luck boys!!!! Calling the authorities.

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    Default letter recieved

    letter from Gonzalez-Santiago apparently I have millions of pounds waiting from someone with same surname who had died. SCAM!!
    email: Tele: +32-657-137 172 Address: Calle Valdes, 18 2-1,11500, El Puerto de Santa Maria (cadiz) Spain

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    Default Phone Call and email

    I recently received the same phone call and letter regarding a timeshare in Mexico. how did you handle it? i have been ignoring the phone calls for the past few days but they keep calling every day.
    I checked and the domain email ( appears to be under 1 year old.

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    Default My relative has 26.7 million

    We got a letter today from Mrs Catalina Moreno. Our relative also died in a car accident 6 years ago. She wants 50%, 40% for us and 10% to charity. Very confidential though. Not to talk to anybody. I’m surprised that she spent 1.3 Euro on the stamp. On the internet, this scam doesn’t cost them anything. So this seems a bit more legit when they do it this way.

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    Default Is this a licensed attorney?? --- barr. Mrs. S.g. Celia alberto

    Is this person an actual licensed attorney?
    The number is a cell phone.

    Calle José Martinez Oriola,
    Nº 19 Piso 3,03501 - Bernidorm,
    Alicante. Spain.
    ( Private
    Cell No. (+34612204846) Personal

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    There is no registered lawyer under the name of Sofía Guillermo Celia Alberto. You can search yourself at the Abogacia Española public directory .

    Everything else about this company looks very suspicious. I would recommend staying away.

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    back in action under a new name- Ivan Tatum with an address in Alicante blatently inviting me to participate in the fraud.

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    Default Another to add to the list...

    Came via Fax to a business in Canada

    Has a stylized capital M at the top right corner.

    Avinguda de França s/n,
    Carrer de Trafalgar, 53, 46023, València, spain (yes, it’s in lower case)
    Tel: +34 602 692 883, Fax:+34 932 205 446. (Space after colon on Tel but not after Fax)

    OUR REF: ES/MHSO/P012/7367/04/19 YOUR REF: FECHA: 09/ 04/ 2019

    This one took the addressee name and matched it with a country. (i.e. Hong, therefore Chinese relative)

    “Attention: xxxxx

    My name is....I got your contact information from your country’s public archive while searching for a last name homogeneous to my late client’s name xxxx a business mogul who lived in Spain...”

    Safety deposit box is Spain. I found a few spelling errors that gave it away right away. And keep in mind, no law firm would have a gmail email!

    Also note that these scammers take the time to find you but then all of a sudden you must act within a specified amount of time! Also the secrecy... any law firm would allow you time to verify through another law firm the legitimacy of the claim.

    At the end, an unreadable signature and this info again.

    Luis Blanco Blanco
    Tel: +34 602 692 883, Fax: +34 932 205 446

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    Default Hello from Canada

    Just received a spam by *fax*! Obvious scam. A Luis Blanco Blanco is who I should contact to receive my 7.5 million euro. Relative died in Wenchuan China (Sichuan) Earthquake. Address on the half page that came through is Carrer de Trafalgar, 53, 46023 Valencia Spain. T:+34 604 358 562 F:34 932 205 446. is the website. It even has a twitter account. The twitter account retweets American republican senators from Arizona and Texas and likes Basketball. haha.

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