Can the following be legally considered harassing or moral aggression?

At least twice a week the following happens:

A boss asks an employee a question. The employee understands the question correctly, but since the answer he gives is not what the boss would expect or would like to get, the boss repeats the exact same question, to which the employee gives him the same answer again. Then the boss asks the same thing again as if it were a broken record, and the employee answers the same thing again and so this interaction can be repeated indefinitely in a period of time that can go from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Sometimes, after the described interaction has happened 5 or 10 times, the boss can vary the words to ask the same thing but with different words. But of course, since the question is the same in essence although expressed in a different way, the answer is basically the same.

Question 1:
How can an employee defend against this behavior and end this endless sequence of the same question and the same answer that lead nowhere except for anxiety for the employee?

Question 2:
In the event that the consideration of harassment depends on the number of days in which this behavior has occurred, how many days would it have to occur for it to be considered as such among other bullying behaviours from the boss so that it is possible to prove harassment in the workplace in front of a judge?

Thank you so much.